2008 Joint Land Use Study Results For NAS Fort Worth, JRB

Actions to Immediately Implement

The 2008 JLUS recommended the following actions be implemented immediately: 

  • Establish a committee to allow communities and the base to coordinate on land use and encroachment issues.

    Action taken: In 2008, the Regional Coordination Committee was formed. The Committee is composed of staff and elected officials from the communities neighboring NAS Fort Worth, JRB. The Committee meets quarterly, and meetings are open to the public.
  • Revise and enforce zoning and building codes to minimize encroachment and noise issues.

    Actions taken: In 2008, the City of Benbrook rezoned nearly 500 acres of land within the 65 decibels noise zone. In 2013, the City of Fort Worth adopted Compatible Use Zones ensuring future compatible development in the safety zones and in 2014, adopted overlay zoning in the noise contours of the base.

  • Institute a program to reduce noise and implement sound attenuation for incompatible structures located in areas where average noise levels are 65 decibels or greater. 

  • Establish a means to disclose whether real estate is located within an area affected by noise. 

  • Protect or acquire land in the Clear Zone of the base’s runway.

Recommendations to Consider

The 2008 JLUS recommended that local governments consider the following: 

  • Investigate the use of a regulatory body that would modify land use plans and comprehensive plans to ensure compatibility with NAS Fort Worth, JRB.
  • Work with real estate agents and builders to ensure that noise and safety concerns are disclosed prior to the sale of existing buildings or construction of new buildings.

    Action taken: Base leaders regularly update the Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS®.
  • Adopt noise attenuation requirements and recommendations for structures located in areas where average noise levels are 65 decibels or greater.

    Action taken: A public outreach document was mailed in 2010 to 11,000 residents within the noise contour and was provided to cities for distribution.
  • Develop publicly available websites illustrating the base’s runway Clear Zone, Accident Potential Zones, and Noise Contours.

    Action taken: The RCC Development Review Web Tool, launched in 2009, allows local governments to upload building projects or parcel-specific zoning changes. Regional Coordination Committee participants can discuss these projects or changes via the Web Tool and suggest sound attenuation or other actions to ensure the projects are compatible. The location of each project or change is shown in relation to the Clear Zone, Accident Potential Zones, and Noise Contours.

  • Establish a committee to promote coordination between the cities, Tarrant County, and the base and to keep the public informed.
  • Encourage NAS Fort Worth, JRB to appoint a full-time Community Planning Liaison Officer. This officer will communicate about encroachment issues with the municipalities neighboring the base.

    Action taken: In 2010, NAS Fort Worth, JRB hired a full-time Community Planning Liaison Officer.
  • Develop a program for homeowners to insulate their homes if they are within an area where average noise levels are 65 decibels or greater; certify these homes as sound attenuated.
  • Create a program for homebuilders to comply with building codes and sound attenuation when constructing new homes; certify these homes as sound attenuated.
  • Voluntarily acquire incompatible structures in the runway Clear Zone.
  • Seek Department of Defense funding to purchase land for a conservation buffer in the base’s Air Installation Compatible Use Zone.
  • Regulate outdoor lighting within a 5-mile radius of NAS Fort Worth, JRB.

    Action taken: City of White Settlement coordinated with NAS Fort Worth, JRB on project-specific light impacts; City of Fort Worth included light restrictions in Airport Overlay Zone; City of Lake Worth included lighting requirements in update to city code ordinance.    
  • Place marker buoys in Lake Worth to demarcate the Clear Zone.