The North Central Texas Council of Governments is collaborating with military and community leaders for Joining Forces, which is an effort to implement recommendations from a 2018 Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) to identify land-use and other strategies to preserve the ability of military installations in North Texas to operate while also improving quality of life for residents living near those facilities.


In September 2020, NCTCOG was awarded an implementation grant from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment to implement recommendations from the 2018 regional JLUS.  Please check back here often for implementation updates.  NCTCOG staff and local government partners are working on some initial tasks:

  • Making improvements to the Regional Coordination Committee Development Review Tool
  • Coordinating with other entities in Texas engaged in military-community planning
  • Participating in the City of Dallas Hensley Field Redevelopment Plan
  • Identifying needed transportation and infrastructure improvements
  • Developing a welcome packet for residents to understand living near a military installation
  • Best practices for zoning, land use and building codes to enhance compatible development near installations


The Compatible Use Program (previously known as Joint Land Use Study or JLUS) identifies and recommends strategies to address land-use issues that may limit a military installation’s ability to operate as well as quality of life issues for residents living near these facilities. Installations are nominated for a JLUS by the military, and the study is funded by the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.  A study was completed in 2018 and the North Central Texas Council of Governments is currently working with local governments and communities across North Texas to implement the study's recommendations.

Land uses that can be incompatible when they occur near a military installation include urban growth, energy development, the presence of wildlife or water and land uses that restrict air space or create a threat to security. Cities and counties surrounding the military installation work with the installation to plan and carry out specific actions that will promote compatible community and economic growth.

Joining Forces seeks to promote compatible growth and to insulate regional military installations from encroachments that could threaten the installations' ability to conduct their missions. 

The study recommended actions for the communities to adopt, including: 

  • Zoning overlays
  • Obstruction ordinances
  • Comprehensive plan language
  • Communication strategies 
  • Sound attenuation strategies
  • Drone safety

As the study recommendations are implemented, partnerships will be formed with the communities, installations and other interested stakeholders.

The communities surrounding the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth (NAS JRB Fort Worth) in western Tarrant County participated in a JLUS 10 years ago. 

Joining Forces: Aligning Community & Military Missions updated this JLUS and included four additional installations, one ancillary training area and flight areas that support operations at NAS JRB Fort Worth. The following installations were included in the study.

  • NAS JRB Fort Worth
  • Dallas Army Aviation Support Facility
  • Fort Wolters Training Center
  • Colonel Stone Army Reserve Center
  • Camp Maxey Training Center
  • Eagle Mountain Lake Training Site
  • Brownwood and Brady Military Operating Areas​

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annual economic activity of 14 major military installations in Texas in 2019 


jobs related to 14
major military
installations in Texas


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and Fort Wolters  

Military installations contribute significantly to the regional and state economy and provide valuable training to members of the Armed Services. Preserving military capabilities is important to a strong, diverse and growing regional economy.

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